July 17, 2010 – Salsaria Salsa Social with DANZ Québec


We are pleased to have DANZ QUEBÉC joined us for this Social!  Danz Quebéc will be having very fine danceshoes (a few samples + catalog to order), Ballo shoes (a few samples + ordering is possible), Swarovski jewels (Fifth Avenue Collection) and dancewear on site for purchase! (CASH PAYMENTS ONLY). More info on Danz Quebéc dancewear can be found at http://www.danzquebec.com/. In addition, Pascale & Guillaume, representing Québec salseros, will be performing their championship routine.  Their last routine brought them in first of the Québec Salsa Festival, as well as third position at the Extreme Salsa Competition held in Montreal in April. This definitely shows without a doubt their incredible talent as salsa dancers. (Pictures of Pascale & Guillaume are courtesy of Annie Joubert of SalsaFolie.)

And of course, by popular demand, Guesley Chery from Montreal is back to give a workshop and to share his passion of the dance with us. Be sure to ask him to dance.

dancewear rings necklaces

We invite you out and salsa with other great local salseros and salseras at the most impressive and spacious venue, Plant Recreation Centre, located at 930 Somerset Street West.

Join us for a true salsa social experience!

► SALSARIA WORKSHOP FROM 8PM – 9PM: Leading & Following Techniques With Styling by Guesley Chery. In this workshop, Guesley will bring you back to leading and following fundamentals – the art of being gentle, decisive, and smooth execution. This workshop targets all dancers at ALL LEVELS. Salsa dancing is all about the ability to lead and follow, to be on beat, and to be musical.

► SOCIAL DANCING FROM 9PM – 1AM: DJ dVo will play your favourite salsa, chacha, bachata and merengue tunes.

► FEE: $10 for social & workshop; OR $8 for social only.

1. Outside drink, alcohol or non-alcohol, is NOT PERMITTED on the premises.
2. Street/outdoor shoes, or shoes with rubber bottom soles, are NOT PERMITTED on the dance floor. You may wear leather or suede bottom shoes. We will be having Ballo shoes (male and female) on site for purchase, courtesy of GoSalsa.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

See you on the dance floor!


One thought on “July 17, 2010 – Salsaria Salsa Social with DANZ Québec

  1. My sincere thanks to everyone who came to Salsaria Salsa Social last night. Thank you for giving our guests your warmest and friendliness welcome. Big thanks to Guesley Chery for an insightful and fun workshop, Pascale Simard and Guillaume Legrand for the beautiful & energetic routine, and the crews from Danz Kiosk, Julie Weber, and Susan for their fine jewelries and dance wears! Bigger thanks to all the volunteers (Mazal, Viviane, Trevor, Jongeun, Susie, France, Soul, Nadege, Dorothie, Joanne, Rogers, Kieran, Isabelle and Toan). I am particularly touched by your compliments & positive feedback about Salsaria. THANK YOU! Our next Social is on August 7th.

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