Join us for our Annual Masqu’oween Gala where you are automatically entered in our:

► Best Costume Contest
►(New) Best Make-up Artist Contest; and
► Best Masquerade Contest.

For 2017, wear your most creative Halloween costume, painstaking make-up and / or most elegant masquerade for a chance to crown the title for each contest category. A Judging Panel will narrow down the choices based on*:

Themed character;
Creativity; and
WOW factor.

* more criteria to be added later.

With the AUDIENCE’S help, we will determine the Crown Title for each category based on loudness and excitement! The Grand Prize for each Crown Title holder will be our best and biggest yet!! Plus the bragging right! 🙂

✧✧✧✧✧ EVENT DETAILS ✧✧✧✧✧

We are very excited to collaborate for the first time with Baila Production from Montreal for a workshop and a show at Salsaria’s Masqu’oween. Baila Production is founded by Ilias Benz, the author and producer of the popular “10 Worst Salsa Dancers” video. (See video here:

Ilias is known for his creative, entertaining choreography style and has choreographed many shows that put big smiles on the audience. In addition, Ilias produces numerous videos for online workshops. For more information about his school and Baila Production, be sure to visit

✪ 7:30 – 8:30PM: “Supercharge Your Cross Body Leads” Workshop for leads and followers at all level to be given by Ilias and Belinda of Baila Production from Montreal.

✪ DANCE MIXER @ 10PM: What is a Dance Mixer? It’s a concept introduced back in the days as a way to introduce everyone to everyone. We invite all leaders or followers to form a giant circle on the dance floor where each will be partnered up to dance (salsa, bachata, or chachacha). Up on calling “SWITCH”, the leaders or followers are asked to rotate by moving to the next dancer. It goes on for about 3 songs. During which time, hopefully, everyone would dance or be acquainted to everyone in the circle.

✪ SHOWS @ 10:30PM: (1) Baila Productions Ladies Styling + more to be confirmed.

✪ 9-1:00AM: Social dancing to the music off vinyl records from DJ dVo & DJ Chris Feist.

✰ ★ ✰ ★ ✰ FEES ✰ ★ ✰ ★ ✰

► FEE: $10 entrance fee with complimentary workshop.

1. Outside drink, alcohol or non-alcohol, is NOT PERMITTED on the premises.
2. ABSOLUTELY no personal water bottles or containers.
3. Street/outdoor shoes, or shoes with rubber bottom soles, are NOT PERMITTED on the dance floor. You may wear leather or suede bottom shoes.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

See you on the dance floor!