BREAKING NEWS: New Entrance Fee, Effective March 7

Over the past 6 years, Salsaria has been able to maintain a low entrance fee to our events because we operate on a not-for-profit model. We budgeted our socials so that we would break even, and any money that was left over at the end of the evening was used to cover future events. Please note that we will continue to adhere to this model.

However, the inevitable has arrived. With the ever-increasing inflation rate, artist fees and rental fees, we can no longer maintain the $8 and $15 entrance fees for regular and special events. In order to continue offering quality socials, effective March 7, 2015, the entrance fees will need to be adjusted to $10 and $20 for regular and special socials, respectively. But don’t despair! We will offer the discounted rates of $8 (for a regular social) and $18 (for a special social) until the end of August if you pre-register for the event by confirming your attendance on Facebook or by sending an email to Salsaria. Please note that you will only have until midnight Friday the week of the event to save.

Your understanding and continued support are very much appreciated.


2 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: New Entrance Fee, Effective March 7

  1. I will be in Ottawa on a temporary work assignment from April 12 to 24 2015. Where can I find salsa and or bachata venues to go to during that time in the Ottawa area? If you can provide locations and their days / hours of dance time it would be greatly appreciated. I am a skilled lead. Thanks!

    1. Hi Dana, there are a couple events during your time here. April 18 is SalsaOle’s Anniversary, check them out at As well there is Rahims Salsa, where he has weekly Friday 275 Elgin Street and Sunday at Amigos. Check out his website Cheers!

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