Welcome to Salsaria’s Season Opener!!!

We are happy to start off the dancing season with a Bachateando Event, a bachata-heavy social is geared toward the bachateros looking to learn, practise and immerse themselves in the rich melodies and rhythms of bachata music. At Salsaria’s Bachateando Monthly, 70% of the music played will be bachata (urban, moderna, and sensual) and 30% will be salsa (contemporenea, romantica, dura, etc.) with a mix of kizomba in between: 4 bachata | 2 salsa | 1 kiz.

Here are the event details:

8 – 9PM ► Intermediate Bachata Fusion Workshop to be given by Maude and Raphael (Montreal)

Maude Chenier (Montréal) Enseigne et Performe la bachata sensuelle et fusion, la Salsa et le Chacha, avec un background en East Coast West Coast swing et danse R&B. Raphael Meurine (Nouvelle Calédonie) Enseigne et performe la bachata sensuelle & fusion et la Salsa, avec avec un background en Hip-hop Partenaires de danse et Coach de troupes, danseurs Professionnels et Chorégraphes.

10PM ► DANCE MIXER: What is a Dance Mixer? It’s a concept introduced back in the days as a way to introduce everyone to everyone. We invite all leaders or followers to form a giant circle on the dance floor where each will be partnered up to dance (salsa, bachata, or chachacha). Up on calling “SWITCH”, the leaders or followers are asked to rotate by moving to the next dancer. It goes on for about 3 songs. During which time, hopefully, everyone would dance or be acquainted to everyone in the circle.

10:30PM ► SHOWS: (1) Maude et Raphael Duo; (2) ÀSÀ Pro-Am Shines Team; + more to be confirmed.

9 – 1AM ► Bachata your way through the night to Resident DJ dVO’s and Guest DJ Square’s musical selection in bachata and salsa with a touch of kizomba & chachata music.

FEE ► $10 entrance fee with complimentary workshop.

► PLEASE NOTE THAT:1. Outside drink, alcohol or non-alcohol, is NOT PERMITTED on the premises.2. Street/outdoor shoes, or shoes with rubber bottom soles, are NOT PERMITTED on the dance floor. You may wear leather or suede bottom shoes.
Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

See you on the dance floor!Salsaria