“Ottawa Salsa In Da House” T-Shirts For Sale

Your chance to own one of Ottawa’s most popular shirts on the salsa scenes. “Ottawa Salsa in Da House” was originally designed by Carlo Bernard et al, from the Caribbean Latin Groove (CLG) Company, who generously granted us the right to print and sell these t-shirts. Normally, these shirts are only available through Guesley Chery of Salstar in Montreal but through special arrangements you have an opportunity to own one and are able to purchase at Salsaria Salsa Social on 21 August 2010. Only a limited number of shirts are available so get yours before they are sold out. Unit price is $15 each. Contact us now to place your order.


We have them in black and white with various sizes from small to extra large. Here are the sample shirts for males and females:

guysshirt1 guysshirt2 guysshirt3

ladiesshirt1 ladiesshirt2 ladiesshirt3