Salsaria Photos Gallery

Welcome to Salsaria Photos Gallery. In this section you will find photos of Ottawa’s, as well as out-of-town, salseros and salseras having a great time at Salsaria Salsa Social.

Click on the desire album to view the photos of each Salsaria Salsa Social event. If you wish to obtain a copy of high resolution photos, please contact us.

Workshop Instructors Who Have Taught At Salsaria

Here are the few pictures of local and out-of-town instructors who have taught at one or more Salsaria Salsa Socials.

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Local & Out-of-Town replica watches uk Artists Who Have Performed at Salsaria

Appear in these pictures are the local and out-of-town performers who were invited to perform at Salsaria.

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Random Dancing Shots

This album highlights random shots of our dancers.

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Halloween Bash at Salsaria

Halloween Bash is one of our most anticipated events of the year! Every year, we encourage dancers to dress up in their most creative, finest costume to enter our Best Costume Contest for a chance to win great prizes. It gets better every year and here are the few photo albums to prove.


What a perfect evening to celebrate Salsaria’s 3rd Annual Halloween Bash! Very very creative and nice looking costumes by all!
As always, it was not easy to pick out the winners for the Best Costume Contest but in my opinion you were all winners for having come up with such creative ideas for costumes!

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Wow! Simply the best Halloween Bash I personally have ever seen and attended!! We have never seen so many beautiful, creative costumes and the participation to wear a costume was phenomena! Huge huge thanks to each one of you for making this a huge FUN! Big thanks to DJ Chris Feist, DJ Toanito for great music and thanks to DANZ Quebec, Fifth Avenue Jewelries, Bella Ladies Troupe and the volunteers! Congrats to the winners of the Best Costume Contest!!!!

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