October 16, 2010 – Salsaria Salsa Social with Alky Kontofacas (Montreal)

We are pleased to have Alky Kontofacas and his partner, Melodie Cazabon, joined us on October 16, 2010 to give a workshop and to showcase one of their finest routines. We are also pleased to have Athena Adamopoulos joined us to display her fine arts.
Alky is a Montreal-based dancer with 7 years of experience in teaching and performing salsa. His background in many dances such as jazz, latin and theatrical defines his unique style. He participated in various salsa congress accross, canada, US, and europe as a performer and an instucteur. He was the 2007 www.hotwatchsale.co.uk canadian champion int he ON1 division and qualified for the world salsa championship. Most of all, he likes to share his passion for the dance and the music by coaching and choreographing for competitors and performers at all level.

Athena Adamopoulos is an Ottawa-local artist, who secretly all in her life but until March of 2010 that she decided to follow her passion, put her heart and soul into her painting to see what would happen. The result? Several of the art pieces featured here. She strives to breathe life into a painting so that a viewer will not only emotionally connect with the work, but actually hear it speak. She draws her inspiration from painting the human figure and form because she views the body, as divine. Paintings are a celebration of life, beauty and our deeply felt emotions. Whether portraying bold women or whimsical childhood moments, subjects always have a story to tell.
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Please visit her blog for more info: http://athenaadamopoulos.blogspot.com/

Join us for a true salsa social experience!

► SALSARIA WORKSHOP FROM 8PM – 9PM: Intermediate Partnerwork with Styling On1 Workshop with Alky Kontofacas and Melodie Cazabon. Live salsa rhythms on conga & tumba will be played at the workshop.
► PERFORMANCE AT 10:30PM: Performances by Alky Kontofacas and his partner, Melodie Cazabon. PLUS a few performances by our local dance troupes!
► SOCIAL DANCING FROM 9PM – 1AM: A Guest DJ and DJ dVo will play you your favourite salsa, chacha, bachata and merengue tunes.
► FEE: $15 for social with workshop; or $10 social only.

1. Outside drink, alcohol or non-alcohol, is NOT PERMITTED on the premises.
2. Street/outdoor shoes, or shoes with rubber bottom soles, are NOT PERMITTED on the dance floor. You may wear leather or suede bottom shoes. We will be having Ballo shoes (male and female) on site for purchase, courtesy of GoSalsa.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

See you on the dance floor!

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  1. You will have a chance to name an untitled artwork by Athena Adamopoulos. PLUS you will win some great prizes if your name is drawn!! Come experience salsa dancing through art masterpieces and live performances by Alky & Melodie and SalsaFanatics! Registration is now open for the Intermediate Partnerwork with Styling On1 Workshop with Alky Kontofacas and Melodie Cazabon! $3 dollars off if you register early – limited space!

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