When was Salsaria created?
Salsaria was created on January 10, 2009.

Why the name “Salsaria”?
When we first thought of a name, a number of potentials came up. We needed something that is original and that speaks to the mission. Following the same logic as “ballerina” and “pizzeria”, “Salsaria” was chosen.

Salsaria is a salsa social host, a not-for-profit interest group, “for dancers by dancers”. What is meant by “not-for-profit”?
We operate on the principle that we are not in the business to make profit. We set the entrance fee based on the expenses we incurred for each event and our objective has always been, and continues to be, to make it affordable for all dancers. Whatever little money we make from an event goes toward a pot to cover the loss and to pay for equipments, web hosting, promotional materials and future out-of-town artists. We are able to sustain our operation because of the voluntary services dedicated by the DJs and a group of volunteers.

What is your policy for bringing out-of-town artist(s)?
We solicit availability and rates from the artist(s) whom we believe would bring a lot of energy and a great learning experience to the workshop, showmanship to their performance, and are friendly, courteous and respectful towards other dancers, regardless of dancing level, on and off the dance floor. We currently bring national artists to Salsaria once a month. In the future, we hope to bring international artist at least once a year. The frequency of bringing national and international artists will depend on how much support we get from the dancers.

As a performer/couple/troupe, how can I/we submit a request to give a workshop or to showcase a routine at one of your events?
We always welcome request to give workshop and to perform at Salsaria Salsa Social. Please contact us and we will be sure to respond to your inquiries.

Why do you have different entrance fees?
Salsaria is a not-for-profit interest group. We set an entrance fee based on the expenses we incur for each event. It costs a bit more when we invite out-of-town artists to give workshop and to do performances because we have to fairly compensate them for their time and talent. We are mindful of making sure that Salsaria Salsa Social is affordable for our dancers.

Why do you often have more than one DJ playing at an event?
In an effort to serve our dancers well, we always have at least two DJs playing to ensure a variety of salsa genres can be introduced, heard and danced to. Some of these salsa genres include Cuban, Puerto Rican, Colombian, and New York styles. We understand that not everyone will like the same salsa genre. By having more than one DJ, we hope to cater to a variety of tastes at any given event in an effort to satisfy our dancers.

I am interested in DJ’ing for one of your events. How can I join the DJ roster?
We always welcome requests to DJ at one of our events. Please contact us and we will be sure to respond to your inquiries.

What is your outside drink policy?
Outside drinks, non-alcoholic or alcoholic, are prohibited at Salsaria Salsa Socials. Those found bringing alcoholic drinks to Salsaria Salsa Social will be handed over to by-law officials for possible legal actions. Selling drinks is part of the total service package that Salsaria offers. While we don’t intend to profit from the sales, drinks sales contribute to our covering the event costs and allows us to break even and therefore keeping the costs of the event to a minimum for our dancers. As is the case with the entrance fee, we are very mindful of making sure the price for drinks is fair, reasonable and affordable to all dancers.

What type of shoes do you recommend we should wear at Salsaria?
We strongly recommend that you wear appropriate dance shoes with suede or leather bottom soles for your enjoyment and security. Rubber bottom soles shoes tend to damage the hardwood floor and does not quite give you the kind of performance from dancing as they have too much grip. We often have boutiques/kiosks on site with male and female shoes for purchase. Outdoor shoes are not permitted on the dance floor to prevent damaging the hardwood.

What is your lost and found policy?
We are not responsible for the loss of your personal belongings while attending any Salsaria Salsa Social. We recommend that you leave personal valuable items at home. Should we find items at the end of an event, we will retain them until they are claimed. If they are not claimed, we will discard them.

What happened to the Survey that Salsaria conducted in September 2009?
You can still fill out our survey by clicking on this LINK.

Is the result of the survey viewable?
Yes, you can view the result HERE.

How can I join the volunteering committee?
Please contact us if you are interested or if you have inquiries.