About Us

Salsaria is Ottawa’s salsa social host, a not-for-profit interest group ”for dancers, by dancers.” We host salsa social on every other Saturday and will try our best to avoid holding salsa events that conflict with others.

Salsaria operates on the following principles:

  • to promote salsa within the Ottawa-Gatineau region by ensuring greater exposure to the dance and music through performance and volunteering;
  • to serve our salsa community by offering quality salsa social events where dancers at all levels can share and improve their dancing skills through practice and workshop; and
  • to help bring synergy to the Ottawa-Gatineau salsa communities through collaboration and support.

As dancers, we are passionate about the dance and music and we know what it takes to host a quality salsa social event.  We believe in three driving factors that will best serve our dancers well:

  1. friendly and inviting atmosphere with adequate air circulation;
  2. clean and spacious hardwood dance floor to preserve our expensive dancing shoes; and
  3. best selection of salsa music and sound equipment.

At every Salsaria Salsa Social, you will always find a salsa workshop given by a semi-pro or a professional dancer from local or from out-of-town. While some workshops target specific dancing level, they are always available to those who wish to challenge their learning and dancing skills. It is our goal to offer an alternative place to learn how to dance and practice from the best dancers/instructors.

We often invite out-of-town and local artist(s) to showcase their choreographed routines. Salsaria is a great venue to promote these hard earned and hard worked talents. It is our way of promoting salsa by having amateur, semi-professional, and professional dancers to demonstrate to you the different levels and artistic skills of dancing salsa outside a social dancing atmosphere. We hope to instill in you some ambitions, admirations and drives to improve your dancing in order to grow the beautiful dance we know as SALSA.

At every salsa social event, Salsaria is committed to making sure your outing with us is enjoyable and well worth while! Our dedicated group of organizing committee work endlessly behind the scene to ensure the smooth and troubled-free organization of every salsa social event. Members of the organizing committee are just like us; they are salseros and salseras. Here are the members of our organizing committee:

  • Viviane Acar
  • Joanne Domingo
  • France Gionet
  • Mazal Kimhi
  • Trevor Poon
  • Dorothie Vernet
  • Kieran Furlong
  • Raj Ruprai
  • Talek Cameron
  • Rogers Singherayor
  • Soul Thirakoune
  • Nadege Nelson
  • Darnell Cruz
  • Andrea Gartley
  • Jae Balmaceda
  • Raja Datta
  • Jim Vo

Join us for a true salsa social experience.

See you on the dance floor!